Fundamental Principle + Logic = Understanding Reality

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This eclectic site delves into a variety of seemingly disparate topics.  The thread that mostly ties this mess together is an underlying attempt to increase understanding of objective reality by employing rational thinking to elucidate fundamental principles and to build upon these principles with logic.

Topics may be the subject of public debate, wherein there may be considerable misinformation and misunderstanding.  Some of the topics are important to the favorable progress of civilization.

Feature Topic:

 Election Reforms Urgently Needed

Guaranteeing Election Integrity (Course)

The information is presented with the hope that it may be of interest or use to others.

Calm and rational attempts to debate, refute, advance or refine the arguments or conclusions are more than welcome.  Irrational rants cannot possibly be helpful and serve only to waste everyone’s time.  There is no guarantee of a timely response, or even of any response at all.

“I believe that the pursuit of truth and right ideas through honest debate and rigorous argument is a noble undertaking.”  – Charles Krauthammer (from 2018 farewell letter)