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Why Voters Elect Candidates They Oppose

Fix Primaries Without Runoffs

Fix Election Integrity

Fix Our Schools!

About the “Gun Problem”

Election Reforms Needed

Best Redistricting Fix Ignored

Stop Electing Politicians Disliked By The Majority Of Voters

To Elect Better Politicians, Voters Need A Better Voting Method

It’s Important To Understand The “-isms”

A Rational Look At The Abortion Issue

Scoundrels And Parasites Reign

Nuclear Power Will Become Dominant

Marijuana Legalization — Rights Must Be Protected

Dear Santa…

Politicians Mull School Funding Changes — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Court Pick Critical To Limit Both Democrats And Trump

Closed Primaries Are Just Fine; Closed General Elections Are A Serious Problem

Impartially Drawing Electoral Districts Should Be Easy

As It Must, “Trickle-down” Works

Rational Thought Resolves Differences Peacefully

Tax “Reform” Only A Tiny Step In The Right Direction

Yet Another Well-intentioned, But Bad Piece Of Legislation

Government CANNOT Reduce Healthcare Costs

Property Taxes: NO! Competition: YES!

The Cure For Our Sick Healthcare System Is A Healthy Dose Of Freedom

Everyone Needs Economics 101

The VA Needs Major Surgery

Schools Need Competition

How To Neuter Lobbyists

Missing: Principle

Our Return To Slavery

More Freedom Would Enable Better Education

Exactly What Is A Libertarian?

Goal: Minimizing Aggression

Libertarians Are Not Isolationists

Fewer Laws Means More Freedom

Do Schools Need More Money?

The Lesser-of-two-evils “Catch 22”

The “Major” Parties Are Now Minor

Dam’s Gotta Break

What Will Republicans Do With Control Of Congress?