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Fix Our Schools!

About the “Gun Problem”

Election Reforms Needed

Best Redistricting Fix Ignored

Stop Electing Politicians Disliked By The Majority Of Voters

To Elect Better Politicians, Voters Need A Better Voting Method

It’s Important To Understand The “-isms”

A Rational Look At The Abortion Issue

Scoundrels And Parasites Reign

Nuclear Power Will Become Dominant

Marijuana Legalization — Rights Must Be Protected

Dear Santa…

Politicians Mull School Funding Changes — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Court Pick Critical To Limit Both Democrats And Trump

Closed Primaries Are Just Fine; Closed General Elections Are A Serious Problem

Impartially Drawing Electoral Districts Should Be Easy

As It Must, “Trickle-down” Works

Rational Thought Resolves Differences Peacefully

Tax “Reform” Only A Tiny Step In The Right Direction

Yet Another Well-intentioned, But Bad Piece Of Legislation

Government CANNOT Reduce Healthcare Costs

Property Taxes: NO! Competition: YES!

The Cure For Our Sick Healthcare System Is A Healthy Dose Of Freedom

Everyone Needs Economics 101

The VA Needs Major Surgery

Schools Need Competition

How To Neuter Lobbyists

Missing: Principle

Our Return To Slavery

More Freedom Would Enable Better Education

Exactly What Is A Libertarian?

Goal: Minimizing Aggression

Libertarians Are Not Isolationists

Fewer Laws Means More Freedom

Do Schools Need More Money?

The Lesser-of-two-evils “Catch 22”

The “Major” Parties Are Now Minor

Dam’s Gotta Break

What Will Republicans Do With Control Of Congress?