Fundamental Principle + Logic = Understanding Reality

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Coming fall of 2024


A title normally is expected to provide the prospective reader at least a general idea regarding the contents of a book.  So, why choose “Everything” as the title for this book?  Such a title either implies that the book is infinitely long (which it quite obviously is not), or it provides substantially zero useful information regarding the book’s subject matter.

A possible reason could be that the author did not wish his choice of topics to be unduly constrained by the title; another might be that the topics are so wide-ranging and far-flung that no narrower choice of title was suitable.  A third reason could be that the author perhaps wished to allow for the possibility that future editions might be published adding new material about hard-to-predict new subjects.  All three of those explanations are true to some extent.

However, the primary reason is that the purpose of this book is to explore and present fundamental principles and truths which are universal and apply to and throughout substantially everything.  Having stated such an expansive purpose, the mission does need to be somewhat further qualified.

Physicists have undertaken to understand and explain everything about the entire universe, including what actually comprises the entire universe.  Excellent and fairly sustained progress is being made, but we are sure that we do not yet comprehend it all.  We do know quite a lot and have benefited greatly by utilizing that knowledge to dramatically improve human life.

This book primarily deals with the “universe” of all thinking, reasoning individuals, including their interactions, their institutions and their societies.  All of that universe exists inside the physicists’ entire universe, and is therefore completely subject to all of the laws that the physicists have discovered.  The most important things that have happened over the past million years or so are examined and projected into the future.

Most often, books and courses focus on some specific area of study.  However, virtually everything interacts with everything else, and certain fundamental principles underlie everything as well.  The purpose here is to pull back with a wide-angle lens, focus on the big picture and understand how the whole mess functions under the governance of the laws and principles.

The material should be accessible to virtually anybody who has the interest.  If you understood this preface, you probably are good to go.  However, and as always, the price for gaining understanding is the effort that is required to think.

This book was written because greater understanding fosters peace, progress, prosperity and, above all, liberty.

Table of Contents

  •  Preface
  •  The Beginning
  •  Rational Thinking
  •  Debunking Illusions of “Spirituality”
  •  Rational Self Interest
  •  Rights and Morality
  •  Defining and Securing Rights
  •  The Constitution of the United States
  •  Controlling a Government
  •  Guaranteeing Election Integrity
  •  Feeding a Government
  •  The Savior of the World
  •  Money, Good and Bad
  •  Energy
  •  The End

Appendix A – Amendment XXVIII

Appendix B – The (new) Constitution of the United States

Appendix C – AADV, GADV and BAWV Instructions to Voters and Election Officials

Appendix D – Obtaining Sincere Opinions from Voters

Appendix E – The Election Manager System