Election Manager Software

In conjunction with my work on voting/election methodology, I wrote Java software which is capable of comprehensively and flexibly managing entire elections.  Country, State, County, Municipality, Precinct and District jurisdictions can be set up for anywhere on Earth.  Elections, Parties, Races, Candidates, Aliases, etc. can then be defined.  Setup data can be exported and imported.  Election Manager can manage voting at each precinct on election day.  Voter verifiable paper ballots are printed and deposited in a ballot box so as to have a durable and human-readable audit trail.  At the end of the day, precinct results are exported and printed.  Election Manager can then total all the output data from each precinct.  Standard (brain-dead) plurality, AADV (Approve/Approve/Disapprove Voting) and BAWV (Best/Alternate/Worst Voting) voting methods are supported.  (See the Voting / Elections page for complete information on AADV and BAWV.)

The software may be used royalty free for any non-commercial purpose (no warranty is granted, either expressed or implied).  Below are a flock of screen shots.  Common questions are covered by the following document:

“Election Manager FAQ”

A “PowerPoint” overview also is available:

Election Manager Overview