About Speaking Engagements

I have limited availability for speaking engagements. Email me at ram@RoyMinet.org with requests or proposals. If I accept your proposal, there will not normally be any charge. However, there may be a charge if extensive preparation is required, so a topic well-covered on this website is recommended. In all cases, you must cover all of my expenses (if any).

Here are some topics for which the preparation is already completed:

Replacing the Plurality Voting Method Our elections have not been working well.  The largest single reason for this is continued use of the Plurality voting method.  It has been known for 250 years that Plurality is a truly horrible method.  In addition to not reliably choosing the winner that best satisfies voters, it is a major cause of the increasing polarization which threatens to tear our country apart.  Two new voting methods can finally fix the problems decisively.  The powerful tools of logic and modern digital computers have finally brought 250 years of confusion to a definitive conclusion.

Correctly Fixing Gerrymandering and Two Other Election Problems Our elections have not been working well.  Here are the solutions, but getting politicians to implement them is very difficult.  Overwhelmingly strong public pressure is required, but unfortunately is unlikely.

Guaranteeing Airtight Election Integrity Every citizen should be able to implicitly trust all election results!  That is obviously not true today with millions questioning our elections.  This is not only disruptive, it’s dangerous.  What is required to achieve airtight election integrity?

Rational Thinking Most people have the feeling that rational thinking is a good thing; probably even important.  But precisely what is rational thinking and why is it important?  This is a topic worth some rational thought!

The Non-Aggression Principe (NAP) The NAP is more useful than the “golden rule.”  It is a key underpinning of all libertarian philosophy.  Applying the NAP to virtually any issue, however complex, will enable you to understand it and adopt a correct position that preserves liberty.

Individual Rights People talk about “rights” all the time as though they are really important.  Do “rights” really exist?  If so, from where do they come?  Is there a list of them somewhere?

The Six Pillars of the Free Market Economic SystemBillions of people all over the globe have been lifted out of poverty by (mostly) free market economies.  The free market economic system is the most rapid creator of wealth known.  It is the goose that lays the golden eggs.  It is good for everybody.  Yet many do not understand how and why this is so, and sometimes even attack it.

Money, Good and Bad Money seems simple enough.  We use it every day.  But money has some confusing aspects that need to be well understood.  We need sound money for our economy to function well.  Money that changes value (e.g. inflation) is not sound money.

The U.S. Constitution – Our Founding Fathers created a ground-breaking new form of government.  They wrote the Constitution over the summer of 1787 using quill pens (no word processor!).  The Constitution deserves our admiration and respect.  However, the best things are never written, they are RE-written.  Some amendments have been important improvements, but others have been horrible mistakes.  What problems does our current Constitution have and how might they be remedied?